Igniting a Passion for Nonfiction

Engaging Approaches to Writing that Exceed the Standards

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Writing to Learn with Barry Lane

Do your students groan and go limp when it's time to write an essay or research report? Have you found yourself striving to raise on demand writing test scores but losing your passion for teaching writing in the process? Barry Lane's non-formulaic workshops will leave you fresh craft ideas that will revive a love for nonfiction essay writing in your classroom and help students excel on the test without sacrificing their love of learning.

  • Create a question culture and watch writing soar
  • Put voice and choice into opinion writing
  • Teach text dependent essay writing and close reading without boring students
  • Change the writing paradigm from work to joy
  • Nurture a love of revision and craft concepts that work
  • Turn rigor to vigor with inquiry-based non-fiction writing lessons
  • Replace formulaic 5 paragraph essays with varied structures that create real voice
  • Teach meaningful elaboration, not just adding more details
  • Model concepts of craft that help students improve their writing
  • Teach the crucial bridge between story and informational writing
  • Show students how to write on demand test essays without losing their voice
  • Illustrate how to read for main idea without doing test prep

Praise from Teachers for Barry's workshops

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