New York Knicks Basketball Camp

Coordinated By Chris Rodriguez and Caeden Horak

Ball like a Knick!

Are you and avid Knicks fan. Have you ever wanted to play at Madison Square Garden in a game against the Knicks! Well now you can! Taking place from December 8th-12th The New York Knicks will be holding a basketball camp in New York City for you and 4 freinds! The camp will take place at the New York Knicks practice facility and the game will be played at Madison Square Garden. Must be 18 or older to bid


You and your 4 friends will be flown out to New York City where you will stay in the Grand Hyatt hotel in New York city. You will be catered by the hotel. You will also get to take a tour of The New York Kicks Facility, Madison Square Garden, and you will be able to meet the Knicks. All food, airfare, tours, and equipment will be taken care of in the price of the bid!


You and your four freinds that won the bidding will get to experience how the New York Knicks work. you will be working, training, and playing with them for 5 days. You will stay at the Grand Hyatt, where you will be catered by the hotel cooking staff. The first day you will get settled in and Meet the entire New York Knicks Roster and will be givin your very one shoes and work out cloths. The Second day you will get a tour of Knicks training facility then have an intense work out with the Knicks. From this point on you will have a full 3 hour workout before each activity. After each work out you will be treated just like a player. All sorts of gatoraid items will be available to you as well the trainers, ice baths, showers, amd massages. The third day you will get to tour MSG and get your very own locker in the knicks locker room. The fourth day you will get to see a Courtside Game of the New York Knicks Vs the Chicago Bulls.

On the last day you will get to play a very competitive game against your favorite team, the New York Knicks. After the game you can take pictures, get Autographed Balls and your very own personal New York Knicks Jersey.

The start bid price is 50,000$


There is quite a lot of value to winning the trip to this camp. You will be treated as if you are player. Meeting the whole New York Knicks team, staying in a 5 star hotel, getting worked out by the teams trainers and the team themselves, get to tour MSG, and will be getting custom knick gear to keep. This is really a once in a life time experience and all of your money is going to help cancer research.


There are some limtis to this trip. Just because we are in New York City does not mean you are going to see it. you will be at The hotel, The training facililty or MSG at all times. This will be a strict rule. This is experience is all about learning and breathing Knick basketball, not exploring new york.
All proceeds will be donated to Susan G. Komen Foundation