Fantastic Journey to Becca's past!

An inside look at some important places to Becca Whitaker

What is this?

This is a journey with Becca Whitaker taking you on an exciting trip to some of the most important things in Becca's life. If you're a fan of Becca than you should defiantly go on this trip. You will learn all about what places hold a special spot in Becca's heart. This special tour is family friendly and is fun for the whole gang! Be sure to bring your camera to document the best time of your life.

The first stop!

The first stop is the the Richfield location of Davanni's Pizza and Hot Hoagies. This location has some interesting facts such as Davanni's only has Locations in the state of Minnesota. Another interesting fact is that Davanni's original name was Pontillo's but was later changed to sound more Italian.

A personal connection this has to our tour guide/ star of this journey is that Davanni's is the work place of her parents. She has had many birthday parties there such as her first one with her kindergarten friends. She loves the food there and will continue eating it and never grow tired of it.

This stops activities will include getting food at the Richfield location. You will experience the taste of tomatoes in a whole new light. Your taste buds will sing, your stomach will dance for joy and your face will smile. Vegetarian or vegan? Not a problem, Davanni's offers a wide variety of vegetarian selections.

The Second stop!

The next stop we will visit will be Becca's own church, Richfield United Methodist. This church has some interesting facts such as during the week days they host a day care in the church's basement, open to anyone in the community. They also host an annual carnival in the summer to help raise money for the Children's program.

This has a special connection to Becca because she had met her three best friends in the church's youth program, she has done many service projects through the church through which she had gained new experiences and she had gotten her first babysitting job through the church.

At this location you will hear the amazing voice of the pastor, Elizabeth as she preaches the word through her powerful voice. Have younger siblings or young children? Not a problem, not only does the church offer a care for the children during service in the basement but they also offer a children's time during service and a quiet place in the back of the sanctuary. Don't like long traditional services, well then you can join the church's band, Living Waters, at the Living Water's service full of music and short, quick sermons.

The last location!

For our final stop we will visit L.Y.F.E camp, some interesting facts about this camp are that the camp is not at it's original location, it's at a new location with a large kickball field used on the first day. Another fact about L.Y.F.E camp is that every year they have a 'quest' and take a journey in understanding who you are.

This place holds a special place in Becca's heart because whenever she needs a pick-me-up she can just look back to the memories of growing closer as a community, making new friends and growing in her faith.

At this stop you will be able to play kickball, go swimming or just wander the camp grounds. There is something for everyone at this camp, the active, the thoughtful and the funky. Don't think you can do anything? Not a problem, there is a park, a volleyball court, trails to go hiking on and many more fun activities. Unsure if you're family will all have a good time? Not a problem, with something for everyone there's no way you'll be bored at this place!

Offers, Deals, Prices and More!

Prices for this trip are: 25 dollars per pass, Children under Five years of age get in for eight dollars. One pass per person.

Deals: Ten or more group package includes ten passes on this exclusive trip and a discounted rate of 125 dollars no matter the age of the person!

Offers: Each pass includes a bus ride on the fan bus, a solo pizza or half hoagy and small drink at Davanni's.

Days of offer: June Thirtieth, Seven a.m. to Five p.m.