Bias in detergent commercials

Bias number one

-There is mostly women doing the laundry in the commercials

-We find this bias going both ways with women and men because it is saying that women are only good for house work and that men cant do house work only women can.

Bias number two

-In most cases its a little boy that has a grass stain or some kind of food stain in there cloths

-This is bias towards males saying that they are messy and that they are more likely to get messy and dirty than females.


-for our product we made a video about bias in laundry detergent commercials

- we feel men are just as callable as women are at doing the laundry because just women being able to do the laundry right is a stereotype not reality

-Overall, most people would agree with the stereotype of women and cleaning.

Why mostly women are featured in the commercials

-One is that they feel more women buy there detergent so if they gear more than the already towards men they will lose profit

-And another is because women are so much more engaged to do this kind of work instead of men

-But most women are engaged in doing the laundry and most men and children re more engaged in making the mess.

Percentages of commercials

36% Men 64% Women

From the research we have done we have seen that there is 36 percent male appearances, and 64% women appearances in the commercials


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Our Position

we feel that our information backs up are argument because we used are own knowledge

and credible sources. Our evidence supports our overall claim because in our research, we found many supporters of the stereotype of the cleaning relation to women and their beliefs.