Alex Huston

Barcalona, Spain

Getting There

After arriving at the denver International Airport from either a taxi, a friend, or my own car, I will go to my flight to den to phx and during my flight of boredom and finally arriving at the Phoenix, I will take a taxi around for a little or stay at the airport for 7 hours and 11 minutes. after that whole boring time I will get onto my flight towards Philadelphia and for a single night stay at Ritz-Carlton hotel and walk around and try the local food, drinks and/or whatever is around and sleep after gettting around the area and asking locals whats good and what isn't. After that time period of time, I am on my way to Barcalona, Spain, home of Fc Barcalona and Real Madrid and hopefully, I may go to a game their. I will only have four days in Barcalona so I also want to go to the Basilica of the Sagrada familia, magic Fountain and, the Tibidabo Amusment Park

History & Culture

Not only know for the famous team of Barcalona but they also have amazing arcatechture but its a main attraction is wehn they(Barcalona) won the Olympic games in 1992. If you realize, the map of Barcalona streets we carefully planned to make diffrent shapes and diffrent sizes for unique style.

Where to Stay



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