Alternative Energy: Hydrogen

By: Chris Cruz

Is It Renewable?

Yes. Hydrogen is the most abundant and simplest element in the universe. The only byproduct is pure water. which you can drink.

Where is it found?

Hydrogen is not found in nature by itself. The way it is found is by separating it from other substances such as water.

how does it work to produce energy for individuals or communities?

Hydrogen is used today to power cars for individual people. It has not yet been built to power anything on a large basis.

What are the uses for Hydrogen Power?

Hydrogen fuel cells are being used today to mostly power car. But NASA is using Hydrogen to power the space shuttles when they take off.

What are the products created from using this energy source?

The only product created from using this energy source is clean, pure water (H2O).

Who uses it?

the people that use this type of energy are mostly individuals who own hydrogen powered cars. The other group that uses it is NASA for its space shuttles.

What are the cost benefits of using Hydrogen?

Benefits- less greenhouse gas emissions ( depending on how hydrogen is produced), less air pollutions (depending on how hydrogen is produced), reduced oil dependance (no need to import oil from foreign countries.

Costs- Hard to contain in cars (hard to make dense to store a lot), Cars are more expensive than regular ones), fuel cells not as durable as combustion engines (more likely to explode if hit), getting hydrogen to customers (need to build hydrogen stations at gas stations)

What is the environmental impact?

Watch video below
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars- Control Pollution

The Advantages?

Less Greenhouse Gas emissions, Less Air Pollution, and Reduced oil independance from foriegn countries.