Rockin' October

'Tis the Season to STYLE!

Way to GO!!

Once again, I am so proud of all we accomplished in October! We've certainly kicked off our best selling season with a BANG! Kudos to YOU - Let's celebrate!!

Welcome to our new Stellar Stars - we're THRILLED to have you join our team:

*Sarah Allen (Katie Armstrong)

*Holly Cates (Michelle Baker)

*Yanzel Daskalakis (Michelle Baker)

CONGRATULATIONS to all you selling your hearts out! We had a record number of teammates ACTIVE and beyond last month:

$2,308+ in retail sales (30% commission earned):

*Mandie Westvold

*Kelie Ernst


*Amy Allgeier

*Michelle Baker

*Ashley Ford

*Anna Gross

QUALIFIED+ (5% in business supply credits, eligible for corporate referral orders):

*Sarah Allen

*Yanzel Daskalakis

*Heather Mason

*Susan Phillips

*Jenni Robillard

This is JUST the beginning for our Q4 Extraordinary selling season. As of this morning, we have 39 trunk shows in the pipeline for November - our BIGGEST selling month of the entire year AND a team record!! Keep it up...I'd LOVE to see us get to 50!!

Here's what's happening this month...

Kelie Ernst

Independent Star Stylist