CSHS Weekly Bulletin

May 9-14, 2016

An End of Year Metaphor

So, this Saturday I completed a triathlon. Yes, completed it. I chose that verb on purpose because to say I enjoyed it, owned it, reveled in it--yeah, not so much. But during the race I had plenty of time to think, and strangely enough, I do not remember the last time I had so much time to think my own thoughts without being responsible for someone or something, and I want to share something I was thinking about. (I will spare you all my inner monologue, especially the colorful diatribe in my head when I was pedaling up a hill. I also wondered why in the world I signed up to do that, but I will tell you that it all started with the positive influence of a mentor in my life who just completed her 7th triathlon on her 66th birthday, but that is another story.)

On the course, I realized that a triathlon is an excellent metaphor for the school year. In August, we dive in with both feet, excited and ready for the challenges ahead. The "water" is refreshing, invigorating--we have big plans and we feel like we can conquer anything. Then about September, we are really settled in comfortably. We know our students, we have established procedures and routines, and we begin to glide along, much like it feels to be on a road bike sailing over a nicely paved road. Every now and then we encounter a "hill" in the form of an upset parent, a reluctant student, or an overwhelming number of papers to grade, but soon we return to our smooth treck down the road, and all is good again. Then we get off the bike--legs tired, body sweaty--and we realize we are not done yet. In fact, the hardest part lies ahead: the "run" to the finish. For me, this is the feeling of the beginning of May. The kids are tired, we're tired, their parents are tired. Things that wouldn't have bothered us a bit during the August swim session are now becoming high alert status, but we must push ahead. We must finish the race.

And unlike my triathlon experience, we will not only finish the race, but we will win the race because together we can do anything. On the race course, the ladies encouraged each other, cheering on women who were pushing their bikes up the hill, smiling at one another, and at the end of the race we were met by a cheering crowd (and mimosas). We--the CSHS faculty-- are one another's cheering crowd. We are getting so close to many wonderful celebrations--awards nights, employee recognitions, banquets, --we simply must continue to support one another and cheer one another on. And on Friday, May 27th, we will get to celebrate together as we see the first class who attended CSHS all 4 years of high school walk the stage at Reed Arena. In the meantime, remember how it felt when we jumped into the fresh waters of this school year in August, and go into the next three weeks with the same positive energy and outlook.

May you stop to enjoy the scenery on your "run" this week! There are great things happening all around us.


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Grade Proof Clean-up This Week!

Clean up grade books

DeeDee will put a copy of 4th and 5th Six Weeks grades in teacher boxes on Tuesday, May 10th. Please look those over and make any grade change, correct any incompletes for blank grades you may have ON THAT SHEET. You will not need to do a grade change form in addition to making these corrections.

Sign & return these forms to the Counseling Office by Tuesday 5/17. If you do not have changes, please sign and return anyway. It will speed up the teacher checkout process at the end of the year.

Have you sent a parent email lately?

Please continue to send parent emails (biweekly, at a minimum).

If a student is failing your class, make personal contact with his/her parents. Make sure counselors have been alerted regarding failing seniors as well.

IMPORTANT End of Year Reminders

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Need to check your prom or after prom bash sign up?

Click here.
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Final Exam Exemption Process

The final exemption card process will begin with the student textbook audit. Mrs. Middleton placed the textbook audit folder in your faculty box today.

During May 5-12, please encourage your students to bring their textbook(s) to 4th per Advocate class. There will be AP students who may have returned their textbooks. I have placed an announcement to read each day as a reminder. Please check to see if students have their textbooks. Many will need them for final exams, so do not take them up or send students to the book room this week.

The distribution of Exemption Cards will be May 16-23 during ALL lunches.

If a student does not show you their textbook, they will be placed on the Fine List. To receive an exemption card all fines must be cleared. They will need to show their books to the APs at the exemption card table.

Please return the textbook audit folder to Mrs. Middleton e or place it in her box by Thursday, May 12.

The TEXTBOOK ROOM will open May 16 for students to return all textbooks.

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Donating to Chrissy's Closet

Chrissy's Closet will begin taking new and gently used clothing and shoes donations on Monday, April 4th in the donation bin located in the front office. This CSISD Clothing Closet will open in August of 2016 and be available to all current CSISD students and employees. Check out the Chrissy's Closet FB page for more information:

https://www.facebook.com/csisdclothingcloset/ ​. ​

Contact Campus Representative Anna McBride if you have any questions!

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Student Recognition

We'd like to recognize the success of our students on the announcements and social media. Please email Tiffany and Victoria or place an announcement in the box on Tiffany's desk. In order to be included on social media, please either send a picture of students or your organizations logo. Thanks!

Walk Throughs

The admin team will work to finish up the walk throughs this week, and we will make a few surprise visits, too.

Duty Schedule

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Upcoming Events

5/16 End of Year Band Concert

5/17 Orchestra Spring Concert

5/18 CSISD Education Foundation Scholarship Reception

5/19 Senior Celebration

5/20 Choir Grand Finale Concert

5/21 Audio/Video Production Film Festival

5/23-25 State UIL Academic Meet

5/23-5/25 Senior Final Exams

5/25-5/27 9-11 Final Exams

5/26 Graduation Practice

5/26 Senior Sunset Supper

5/27 Last Day of School/End of 6th Six Weeks

5/27 Graduation @ Reed Arena

5/28 Staff Last Day

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Are you showing announcements during advocate?

Please make sure you are showing the Daily Announcements each day during Advocate.
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