How To Survive Honors English 9

By Matt Salem

Intro To Honors English

I'm Matt Salem and I will help you through Honors English 9. In Honors English, be prepared for a lot of projects. English is also very fast paced and you will have to keep up. Organization is key. If you are not organized, then you will fail.


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I liked the book Divergent because of all of the action inside it. If you like books with action, then you will like Divergent. There are a few different projects for this book. One of these projects is a faction war with a prize for the winners.
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Cold Sassy Tree

I also liked the book Cold Sassy Tree. It takes place in Cold Sassy, Georgia. It follows the life of Will Tweedy and his family as they try and keep their family together. The story revolves around a sassafras tree.
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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

I thought that a tree grows in Brooklyn was a book that is hard to follow. It jumped around between different times in Francie's life and it got confusing. Once again, this book is based around a tree that grows out of cement. It is supposed to symbolize Francie's life.
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A Raisin in the Sun

I thought that a raisin in the sun was an interesting book. There were some parts of it that I liked. One of the things that I enjoyed about this book was how it showed real-world struggles that people actually went through. However, I didn't like how some of the characters acted during the course of the book. One of the symbols in this book is a plant.

Independent Reading


One of the genres for an independent reading book was dystopian. These books take you to future civilizations after major accidents. Two examples of this genre would be Divergent, and the Hunger Games. I really like these books because they are always packed with action.


Another one of the categories is historical fiction. What this means is that it could have happened in the past, but it didn't. An example of a historical fiction book that you can read is Under A War Torn Sky. This was a book about a pilot that crashed in Nazi territory and has to escape,

Realistic Fiction

At the end of the year, you will have to read a realistic fiction book. Most people in my grade read Twisted. This book is by Laurie Halse Anderson. This was probably the most interesting of the books that I read. It has problems that are relatable to our generation.

My Favorites

The one thing that I liked most about Honors English 9 was the atmosphere. I liked how it was really laid back and everyone was friends with each other. Also, Mrs. Allen likes to tell jokes to keep everyone happy.

Not So Favorites

One thing I didn't like about this class was all of the projects that we had. Ask Mrs. Allen and she will admit that she gives out the most projects of any teacher in the school. There are about three or four projects per book.


Some advice that I have to give is to stay organized. If you are not organized, then you will not do well at all. Organization is the key to doing well in this class. Organization is worth a lot of points. There are binder checks every nine weeks to make sure that you are staying organized.

Top 5 Ways to Succeed

  1. Use your binder- If you don't use your binder, then you will get really far behind on binder checks.
  2. Make sure your binder is organized- Binder checks are worth about 60 points each, so you want to keep your binder organized.
  3. Remember your logins- You will use about 10 different websites, so keep track of what logins you use and where.
  4. Manage time- Don't procrastinate, you will just get further behind.
  5. Get Help- If you need help, make sure to ask because Mrs. Allen is happy to help you.

Inspirational Quote

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."

-Thomas Edison