Romeo And Juliet Act 2.1/ Act 2.2

By. Exavier Denis


After Lord Capulet's party, Romeo wonders off into the darkness. During this adventure Romeo decides he cannot go home and he must see his love Juliet. He climbs a wall into the Capulet's property. Benvolio and Mercutio both call out for Romeo as they know that Romeo is near by. Mercutio and Benvolio cant seem to find Romeo so Mercutio decides to mock Romeo and his feelings for Rosaline as a attempt to get Romeo mad. Romeo's love has shifted to Juliet, as he see's Juliet above she does not see him. Juliet speaks of her love for Romeo. Juliet calls out where Romeo might be not knowing he is below her. Juliet questions why her lover has to be a Montague. Romeo shows himself and Juliet at first is a little shy. Juliet asks Romeo to give up his name his identity and family so they could be together, or she will. Romeo tells Juliet if there is no love for him in her eyes it will hurt more then being struck by 20 swords, Romeo wants to know if their love is real. Juliet takes control because Romeo is forcing the love aspect to much. Juliet makes sure to tell Romeo that she wants their love to be real and grow and last long. A turning point were Romeo now believes that dreams do not come true because if he believes this then he fears he will lose Juliet. Juliet proposes a marriage for them to truly be together and not apart, she ask for the next day when, where and what time they must get married.


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Juliet is the daughter of Lady Capulet and Lord Capulet. Juliet is a very respectful girl. Very mature for her age. At first Juliet did not want to get married but she likes to please her parents. In this scene we find Juliet talking of her love for Romeo but she is lost because he is a Montague their love could cause tension. She proposes a marriage and that this could be the only way for them to truly be together.
Tom Odell — Another Love (Zwette Remix Radio Edit)

Why I choose this song

The Original song written by Tom Odell is a beautiful song that represents this scene. I chose this because it appeals to Romeo and the fact that he has found another love in Juliet and there love is real. Also towards the fact that Romeo has shed tears to many for Rosaline. Also Romeo and Juliet want to be together but Romeo also wants to kiss Juliet and make sure she is alright get to know her. Romeo ad Juliet want to love.