Closing Faculty Meeting

Lower School, 2015-16

Morning Message

Good Morning, Lower School Faculty!

It's been a terrific year with many highlights! Each level and each Specialist delivered excellent academic instruction and character education this year.

You used the Morning Meeting as a first step on our journey to the Responsive Classroom. Students learned to love reading the Morning Message and enjoyed it when our Specialists came to join the fun! Now that everyone has received some RC training, we're poised to institute the other important components of the program. We hope the training gives you pause to reflect on your practice and will give you some inspiration for the coming year.

Today is the last stop before your summer vacation and we sure hope you all enjoy your well-deserved break!!!


Jenny, Lisa, and Megan


In 3 words or less, tell something you might see this summer!


"Pack a suitcase!"

Agenda Part 1

  • Orders
  • End-of-year parties
  • Snacks 2016-17
  • Budgets/staffing
  • Subs
  • Admissions
  • Constitutional Convention
  • Support needed for Responsive Classroom

Agenda Part II

  • Professional Goals
  • Classroom checkout
  • Thank you!

2016-17 Library: Kelly Hincks