Input Devises

1) Light Pen

A light pen is a hand-held electro-optical pointing device which is connected to the computer by a cable. When it touches to a connected computer monitor, it will allow the computer to determine where on that screen the pen is pointed. It facilitates drawing images and selects objects on the display screen by directly pointing to the objects with the pen. Light pens give the user the full range of mouse capabilities, without using the pad and any horizontal surface.

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2) Graphic Digitizer

Graphic digitizer is an input device, which is used for converting pictures, maps and drawings into digital form for storage in computers. This enables re-creation of the drawing whenever required. It also facilitates any changes in the drawing whenever required.

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3) Magnetic-Ink Character Recognition (MICR)

Magnetic-Ink Character Recognition technology is used by the banking industry for faster processing of the large volume of cheques. This technology also ensures accuracy of data entry, because most of the information is pre-printed on the cheque and is directly fed to the computer. Magnetic ink character reader is a device used in the technology.

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4) Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)

Optical Mark Recognition is the process of recognizing a pre-specified type of marks made by pencils or pen on the paper. This type of technology is used to evaluate the papers of competitive examination. Optical mark reading is done by special device called optical mark reader.

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5) Microphone

A microphone is a speech recognition device. Speech recognition is one of the most

interactive system to communicate with the computer. The user can simply instruct the computer about the task to be performed with the help of a microphone. It is the technology by which sounds, words or phrases spoken by humans are converted into digital signals, and these signals are transformed into the computer generated texts or commands. Most speech recognition systems are speaker-dependent so they must be separately trained for each individual user.

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