Mrs. Yazdchi is Worth CELEBRATING!

Teacher Appreciation Day is May 7th

The Gift

I took individual pictures Friday the 12th during lunch. I thought I would mod podge their pictures onto a pot with some cool printable party hats.

Student Contribution

I'll send home a balloon cut-out later in April for your child to write a note to Mrs. Yazdchi. Then we can attach these to wooden skewers and stick in the pot with a nice plant. We'll set it on her desk on the afternoon of 5/6.

The Door and Room

We'll decorate her door after school on Monday, 5/6. I'll really need the help! Let me know if you can help. The theme will be "Mrs. Yazdchi is Worth Celebrating!" We can place party hats on the students' desks and hang streamers from the inside of the door.

Our Gift to Mrs. Parker - ARD Scheduler

Please send $5.00 in an envelope with my name on it to be sent home with Kasy. We will purchase a gift card for Mrs. Park, I'll send a card with Kasy one day for all students to sign.

REMEMBER: You are welcome to appreciate Mrs. Yazdchi and Mrs. Parker how you see fit. All the above will be from the whole class.

Let me know in what ways you can help. Thanks!