Stayton College and Careers Update

September 2019: A new place, FAFSA, scholarships, and more!

The SHS College and Career Corner

SHS now has a space in room 112 where students can get help on college and career questions. This is where I will meet with students, where students can find college and career information, ask questions, meet with college representatives and potential employers, ask about CRLEs, learn about apprenticeships, find scholarship information, and more. Counselors and I want to be a resource for students, and we are working together to get students and parents as much information as we can. Students can contact me at to set up a time and/or ask questions. My main goal is to help students to be able to take the next step after high school, whatever that is for them.
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Senior Meetings

Seniors took a short college/career survey during guide group on September 19. This gave me some information on where students are heading, and I am planning to meet with seniors over the next several months to help talk them through options and to answer questions. Seniors, if you did not take the survey, you can access it here:
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FAFSA opens OCTOBER 1. Here's how to be ready.

The FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Completing it makes you eligible for federal aid, and also is needed for many colleges and trade schools to determine financial assistance. Here is a summary of 7 things you'll need before you fill out the FAFSA form (the entire article is linked at the end):

1. Your FAFSA ID. You can create this before the FAFSA opens. For details on how, click here:

2. Social Security Number

3. Driver's license number (if you have one)

4. 2018 tax records

5. Records of your untaxed income (this may not apply)

6. Records of your assets (money). This is savings/checking account balances, value of investments, etc.

7. List of the schools you are interested in attending. List the schools you might even consider applying to, at all. They will get your FAFSA information and it is first come, first served.


How to fill out the FAFSA....

Now that you have what you need ahead of time, check out this walkthrough video when you are ready to fill it out. It's 25 minutes of great information and takes you step-by-step through the online process. Remember, it opens October 1, and the sooner to that time you fill it out the better.
2019 - 20 FAFSA - Full Walkthrough

SAT/ACT Testing Updates

Many (but not all) colleges require students to take the ACT or SAT. If you have not done so and are a junior, consider taking one soon. *At one point, schools chose one or the other test for entrance, but now, nearly all colleges will take EITHER one of these interchangeably. So, you don't probably need to take both.

AP Testing update: Senate Bill 207 and you!

The Oregon Senate passed a bill last year that requires students who get at least a "3" to get college credit at all Oregon higher education institutions. So, if you pass an AP test with at least a 3, that means you are guaranteed to get credit for that class at the college level. Remember, this does not apply to private schools, so be sure to check with schools you are interested in on their policies.
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Scholarship Information

Find an updated list of scholarships here:

Counseling and I will continue to update students on scholarships as we get information. Here are a few coming up soon:


Daughters of the American Revolution:

Careers that work: If you are planning to attend a technical school in Oregon, Washington, or Idaho (here is the list of participating schools):

Alan Kirby, Coordinator of College and Career Pathways

Let me know if you have questions!