dedicated servers hosting

Guide to the Advantages and Disadvantages of Dedicated Servers Hosting

Dedicated Servers Hosting for Hosting Multiple Websites

Dedicated hosting means the customer is allotted with a dedicated server. Dedicated server is good in that you can use up all the resources on the server, just like you own the server. If you have multiple websites that receive huge amount of traffic, you can host all of them on a dedicated server and they will still enjoy good uptimes. It is also easier to manage the websites when you host all of them in one dedicated server. Dedicated servers hosting usually does not have any restriction on memory or disk space. Some dedicated hosting providers put limits on the disk space and bandwidth. In addition, dedicated servers offer free complementary features such as WHM control panel, programming, database, spam filter, POP3 email accounts, Apache web servers, MySQL, and firewall.

Easily Upgrade the Dedicated Server without any Hassle

One advantage of dedicated servers hosting is that customers can easily upgrade their servers without much hassle at anytime they want. Small businesses usually will expand over time. When your online business expands, you can easily upgrade the dedicated server by submitting a support ticket to the customer service. After you have paid for the upgraded dedicated servers hosting package, the staffs will upgrade the server accordingly without causing any interruption to your website.

Downsides of Dedicated Servers Hosting

Dedicated hosting also has disadvantages. For example, you will get charged with a penalty fee if you exceed the allowed data transfer limit. Another disadvantage is that you will have to pay expensive monthly fees for the hosting services, software license and hardware. Dedicated servers hosting is a good solution to large online businesses or webmasters who own multiple large websites. If you want to host startup websites, you should use a shared hosting as it will be more economical.

Dedicated IP Address is provided in Dedicated Servers Hosting

When you buy a dedicated servers hosting, you will be given a dedicated IP address. Dedicated IP provides a lot of SEO benefits. The search engine places more trusts on a website that is hosted on a server with dedicated IP address. Shared hosting uses shared IP address so websites hosted on shared servers can easily be affected if spam websites that share the same server are flagged by the search engines. Dedicated IP address reduces the chances of your website getting penalized by the search engine. Another benefit of dedicated IP address is that it enables your web pages to load at a higher speed. Dedicated IP address is necessary for websites that utilize secure socket layer (SSL) certificate.