Unit 1 project


I am Interested in becoming a Pharmacologist who study the effects of chemical substances on cells animals humans and the environment. I want to go to Kaplan University to receive my Ph.D. Finally I`ll be working in the Agriculture Processing field and I would get a salary of $111,117.


  1. Comparing the effects of cardio medication like Xarelto on plants to see if the plant`s life expands.
  2. Study what type of acids can deteriorate Iron.
  3. Which dissolve an Alka-Seltzer tablet the quickest alcohol or water?


  1. Tablet Hardness Tester- test the breaking point of a tablet based on its shape. This machine was invented in the 1930s by Robert Albrecht of Cleveland, Ohio.
  2. Autoclave- Sterilizes medical instruments. This device was made in 1850 by Dr. Louis Pasteur of Dole, France.
  3. Tablet Counting Machine- processes and distribute medication. The machine was built in 1968 by Dr. Frank Kirby of Manchester, England.


A contest that is related to my career is studying Environmental Natural Resources.


I need to be creative, Inspiring, and have constructive differences to obtain this career.
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Pharmacies import large quantities of prescription drugs from china which cost up to $300,000,000.
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Yhambria Simmons 2/10/16 3rd pd