Ms. Kilar's Class News

Friday, May 13, 2016

Night at the Museum

Thank you parents for all your help at home with writing their biography reports. Students practiced their lines on Friday in class. Please be sure to have your child practicing his/her answers to the questions for Night at the Museum. Our event is scheduled for Wednesday, May 18 from 6:30-7:15. Please do not arrive before 6:15. Drop your child off by the office and tell them to go to their "spot." We are asking that parents stay in the entry way or wait in the gym until the museum opens at 6:30pm.

We will be having a rehearsal on Monday morning for the 3rd and 5th graders. If your child would like to bring a prop or part of the costume for rehearsal, they are welcome to, but it's not required.

Language Arts

  • M-Step: On Tuesday we took the Language Arts portion of the M-Step. The students worked really hard and took their time taking the test. I was really proud of them. Thank you to Mrs. Gretzinger for sending in a snack for the kids.
  • Reading: We are reading a science fiction story this week and focusing on author's purpose.
  • Writing: Students can chose to write a science fiction or realistic fiction short story. We are going to focus on dialogue, developing characters, and plot.
  • Grammar: We are reviewing types of sentences, end punctuation and capitalization rules.


This week students explored different strategies to multiply a fraction by a whole number and had opportunities to explain their work and reasoning. They also enjoyed doing some geometry this week. We worked with lines, angles, parallel sides, perpendicular sides, and symmetry.


This week we just worked on and reviewed science in preparation for the science M-Step. Students finished up their videos on waves on Monday and Tuesday. They turned out great and the kids had a lot of fun using the green screen. Mr. Blanck will put them on the students SeeSaw app for parents to view next week. Then we started learning about weathering, erosion and deposition.

Wish List for Social Studies: At the end of every year I hold an "auction" for the students to spend their KK cash that they've earned during Mini-Society and over the course of the school year. If you'd like to donate items to the auction for either class, I'd really appreciate it. These items can be any thing from candy, used books, small stuffed animals, jewelry, items from the dollar store. In the past I've had parents donate small items that their children are no longer interested in, but another child might love. Think of this as an opportunity to clear out some of that "junk" and donate it to our auction! Thank you!!


We are back to our regular homework schedule. There is spelling, math, and grammar homework coming home this Friday. It will be due next Thursday, May 19.

  • Spelling: New spelling list, front and back of the spelling worksheet, and practice games on Spelling City.
  • Math: Front and back of the worksheet
  • Grammar: Worksheet

Upcoming Dates

  • May 17 - M-Step
  • May 16 - Presentation from EMS first repsonders
  • May 18 - M-Step
  • May 19 - M-Step
  • May 18-Night at the Museum
  • May 24 - Walking field trip the the Harbor Springs Historical Society
  • June 2 - Field trip to Tahquamenon Falls and Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum (Returning around 6:30)
  • June 9 - Sleeping Bear Dunes (we will be returning around 6:30pm)

  • If you know you'd like to help chaperone one of our June field trips please let me know.

Field Trips

Parents, if you are planning to attend one of our field trips in June you need to be sure you've filled out our Volunteer Release Form. If you've already filled one out for the 2015-16 school year you are all set. If you haven't volunteered in the classroom or come on a previous field trip you will need to stop by the office to pick up a form or download one from our school website.