Wetlands Help the Environment

It's Important to Save The Wetlands

The Question

Environmentalists are concerned wit the destruction of wetlands because they support the organisms living in and around them.

Describe two ways that wetlands help the environment.

The Answer

Wetlands are very important and beneficial ecosystems. The plants, soils, and microorganisms of wetlands often act as filters, cleaning the water that flows through a wetland. This helps all organisms in the water.

Wetlands can also act as buffers between the water and the land. Salt marshes are grassy wetlands that can be found at the edge of estuaries, or places where rivers flow into the ocean. These salt marshes help protect inland areas from stormy ocean waves.

If we don't help preserve wetlands and keep them healthy, there could be a significant impact on the rest of the environment. It is a good example of how every part of the environment is somehow connect to every other part.