Small Sparks, Big Dreams

Learning about careers from home sure is fun!

Get Fired Up For Business

Click on the video below to show your child about being a business owner. Shawn owns a restaurant and a food truck, with the best bar-b-cue and macaroni n' cheese in town. Some kids are naturally drawn to business.

Since we are all keeping social distance, it is giving many families the time to organize and clean out toy boxes and closets. Allow your child to organize a garage sale. If your child likes art, then perhaps they can take this time to paint, make jewelry, or slime to sell. If your child likes to bake, then perhaps you all bake an extra batch of cookies to share with the neighbors. Businesses don't always have to be about the money, they can also be about making the world a better place. Perhaps your child will be a 'Biz kid'!

Your child's school counselor is dedicated to bringing inspiration all about careers and entrepreneurship. Join the fun as a 'spark champion' and support your child as he/ she explores the possibilities!

Get Fired Up For Business - Small Sparks, Big Dreams SEASON 4

Parent extras:

Today, your child was introduced to a very simple business plan. Who knows, your child could have the entrepreneurial spirit and be the next BIG THING! Of course, we don't expect our young students to take business ownership too seriously at this age, but be sure to observe. If your child starts asking questions about inventing, or selling something, or providing some kind of service, then guess what... your child might have that 'something special' that beacons them to pursue being a business owner.

You can be a 'spark champion' by indulging their questions and helping them to formulate, organize and even help them execute their first business ideas.

Let your children know that if they want to try something new, or explore starting their own business, that you are on their side. They may be young, but those young minds are just right for dreaming big!

Click on this song and encourage your kids to GRADUATE!

Graduate - Small Sparks, Big Dreams

Small Sparks, Big Dreams

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