Decisions, Decisions, Decide!

By: Merrin Woods

Have you ever had to make a decision where you had no idea what to do? Well, I have! I had the decision to either get an iPad or an iPod. To figure out what to choose in this decision I am going to use the 4-H economical decision making model that I learned how to use in 4-H class.

For the first step in trying to decide which Apple product I should buy I estimated the resources available. I came up with nine resources that could help me make my economical decision. They are price, product reviews, peers, your brain, money, quality, size, price of extra accessories, and the store worker. Those resources can help me make my decision.

The next step in the decision making process is I could consider the alternatives of either buying an iPad or an iPod. There are two alternatives for my decision. First I could buy the iPod which is cheaper and save money to buy other things I want like clothes, shoes, etc. The other alternative is that I could by the iPad which is more expensive and I would not have extra money left over for other items that I would want to purchase.

Next I would have to gather information about the two Apple products. First the iPod is $200.00, it is smaller than the iPad, and it holds smaller amounts of data. Next the iPad is $500.00, it is larger than the iPod, and it has a better retina display. Even though they both come in the same colors they have different qualities so finally I am ready to make my decision.

Finally I made my decision. I decided to get the iPad. There are many features that helped me decide to get the iPad. First the iPad has better retina display, the screen is lager, you have more memory capacity and in the end the iPad is just the better choice. This decision was hard to make but the 4-H economical decision making model helped me a lot and I am sure that the model will help you too.