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February 2019 - Monthly Newsletter

Hip Hip Horray

It is with great pleasure the Learning Cottage accepts and shares with you the award of Second place this year in the Readers' Choice awards for "Best Preschool" In Sarasota County.

Thank you to our dedicated families. We could not be happier to see your children's smiling faces each time your family walks through the big white doors! It is with great pleasure we have the opportunity to work with each and every child & create the community that we lovingly call The Learning Cottage!

In addition, we recognize The Learning Cottage could not be without our amazing educators who add values and culture to our everyday environment. Thank you:

  • Ms. Kerri - School Leader
  • Ms. Julianna - Infant Education
  • Ms. Andrea - Infant Education
  • Ms. Tyna - Toddler Education
  • Ms. Emily- Toddler Education
  • Ms. Anna- Jr Preschool - Education
  • Ms. Jeanette - Preschool Education
  • Ms. Kathy - The Arts, Pre- K
  • Ms. Brandi - Math/ Science, Pre- K
  • Ms. Sami - School Aide
  • Ms. Tatyana - School AIde


Ashley Cabe and Aimee Muldoon

In This Edition:

  • February Birthdays
  • February Curricula
  • Family and Teacher Of The Month
  • Valentines Celebrations (Detail Link at Bottom)
  • Dates To Remember

Little Birthday Sweet Hearts

  • Avery P. 2/21
  • Brody W. 2/2
  • Josie F. 2/22
  • Daniel T. 2/26
  • Sage D. 2/26

February Curricula at The Learning & Little Cottages

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Private Pre- K ( Ages 3 1/2 - 5)

Literacy: Focus on Types of Authors (Fables, Journalism, Comic & Rhymes)

Letters of the week: Uu, Vv, Yy & Zz

Students will learn about fables, parts of a fable and lessons learned through stories such as “The Tortoise and The Hare”, “The Crab That Walked Sideways” & “The Grasshopper & The Ant”. They will learn of Beatrix Potter and her journal; which was turned into the story, “Peter Rabbit.” They will also explore the wonder of Stan Lee and the formation of comic books. Children will end the month by learning about Dr. Seuss and his love for encouraging children to read though rhymes and silly characters!

Science: Preschool Students will study the jobs of a Inventor, Scientist, Architect & Carpenter Through these explorations, students will learn about people who help in their community while sorting and classifying their tools! through these lessons children will learn to share their ideas, problem solve and make predictions.

Math: Students will explore the number 7 through child lead lessons. In small group children will use shapes to create math sentences, finally using them to problem solve and build early algebraic thinking using shapes around the world.. (ex: square + triangle = house)

Art: Students will follow another set of people in our community. They will act as Farmers, Grocers, Dentists, and Doctors/ Nurses; while learning life skills such as planting and harvesting foods, choosing healthy foods at the grocery and taking care of their bodies.

Family Of The Month

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The Spanellis Family

Educators at The Learning Cottage have had the pleasure of nurturing the Spanellis family's son, Theo, since he was just two and a half years old and stepped inside a classroom for the very first time! Now he is preparing to enter kindergarten alongside many friends he has gained and loved through his preschool journey. The Spanellis family have been amazing supporters of The Learning Cottage and this shows through their support of Theo and educators alike! Not only does the Spanellis family show support inside the classroom but they are also very active members on our parent committee and volunteer in many ways. You all saw that awesome Grinch cut out at the Winter Concert & Fair!? Great Job, Mr. Spanellis!

Thank you for always being huge supporters of The Learning Cottage, but most importantly of Theo's Early Education! Thank goodness we get to share many more years with your family and darling baby girl!

Teacher Of The Month

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Ms. Jeanette, Preschool Co- Teacher

Ms. Jeanette is being recognized for her dedication and Teamwork. In November, Ms. Jeanette came to The Learning Cottage looking for a loving and team like setting to utilize her Education degree and many skills obtained in the Charter school system in the years past.

Ms. Jeanette has been a beautiful addition to our community. Her peers, families, and students equally enjoy her calm & loving nature, commitment to her classroom and her creative abilities to engage her classroom day to day!

Thank you Jeanette, for your choosing The Learning Cottage as your home away form home and the place you love to educate young minds and hearts! Thank you for your positive vibes and & giving heart. THANK YOU for your top notch care of each of your students!

You are appreciated.

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Important Dates To Remember

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