EL Education Insider

Selma Street Elementary

VOL 1 OCT 2019


EL Education Vision & Mission

When students and teachers are engaged in work that is challenging, adventurous and meaningful, learning and achievement flourish. Our mission is to create classrooms where teachers can fulfill their highest aspirations, and students achieve more than they think possible, becoming active contributors to building a better world.

Three Dimensions of Student Achievement

Selma Street is an EL Education school. This means that we are increasing student engagement while elevating and expanding student achievement by focusing on student excellence in three core areas: Mastery of Knowledge & Skills, Character, and High-Quality Student Work. Our students show mastery in a body of knowledge and skills within each discipline and transfer that knowledge to meaningful tasks. They analyze, evaluate, and synthesize complex ideas while considering multiple perspectives. They work hard to become ethical people by putting their learning to use to improve their communities. Finally, our students produce high-quality work that is meaningful to the community beyond our school.

Take a look at what we are accomplishing within the hallways of Selma Street Elementary!

Wildcat Cheer

Who are we?

We are one TEAM!

Who are we?

We are Hard Workers!

Who are we?

We are Wise Scholars!

Who are we?



Selma Street EL Anthem

I'm gonna love My Crew, I'm gonna raise my scores, I'm gonna....strive till I can't no more.

I'm gonna love My Crew, I'm gonna raise my scores, I'm gonna....strive till I can't no more.

I've got my crew at my back, we're lovin' where we're at, I'm focused, mind on track, and the staff is where it's at.

Learning is my goal, I've got this I know! Solving quick and fast, EL Crew....we got that SWAG!

Can't nobody stop me from learning, can't stop me from learnin'. Wheels in my head keep churning. They keep on churnin'.

Crew Circle

Crew Circle is "a time of coming together as a school in celebration of values, efforts, and tradition!" At Selma Street, we have monthly Crew Circles to celebrate the contributions students and teachers are making toward ensuring that all feel valued, respected, safe, and included regardless of our differences!

Together, we celebrate our accomplishments and motivate one another to achieving even more and at higher levels!

Crew Meetings

An EL Education school culture is planned for, developed, and sustained through practices that bring the community together, promote shared understandings, and encourage all community members to become crew, not passengers. Students in EL schools are known well and supported by adults.

At Selma Street, each student is known well by at least one adult within the school. One structure for developing this relationship—and supporting students socially, emotionally, and academically—is crew.

The structure of crew allows for relationship building, academic progress monitoring, and character development. Crew allows students to build positive connections with their peers and with their crew leader. Crew leaders strategically plan crew to address and assess these multiple goals. Outside of school, mentoring, internships, and apprenticeships foster relationships between students and community members.

Each morning, every classroom across our campus is engaged in Crew Meetings!

Spotlight on Our CREW

During this 1st quarter, EL Education Module lessons have been implemented across all grade levels. Students have been engaged in establishing and setting classroom norms, collaborative discussions and learning opportunities, and learning about identifying and solving challenges.

They have been learning about other parts of the world and are able to make relevant comparisons of their own life to that of other students around the world. Each grade level has been participating in a novel study as part of the curriculum model and can use the information gleaned from the text to empathize and problem solve with others.

For example, our 2nd Grade students read Off to Class, which features incredible and unusual schools around the world. They learned about some of the difficulties children in areas such as Bangladesh and parts of Africa experience just to be able to get an education. During their learning time,students had discussions centered around challenges these other countries faced and synergized within groups to identify a solution for the problem.

One student even brought in a pair of authentic African shoes that her family owned! In this 2nd Grade class, as well as all others, learning came to life for the students!

Community Partnerships

Building meaningful relationships with our community is at the top of Selma Street's list! Principal Blair is very active in soliciting community feedback and support. We have several members and organizations within the community that have partnered with Selma Street to help support the success of our students and we are thankful for their support. Remember that old adage, "It takes a village to raise a child?" Well, you are part of that village and we covet and appreciate your support!

For more information on how to get involved with what we are doing, please feel free to contact our front office! We will definitely get you connected!