Mrs. Platz's Class Newsletter

May 6, 2016

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Looking Ahead

  • Tues. 5.10.16 100 Book Club Pizza Party/Play at Challenger Field (Notes went home on Friday if your child made it to the 100+ Book Club)
  • Wed. 5.12.16 PLC - Pathfinder Field Day
  • Mon. 5.16.16 First Grade Park Day
  • Tues. 5.17.16 Last Day of School

Your First Grader Has Been Working On...

  • reading and writing words with prefixes "re" and "un" like in replay and unzip.
  • reading words with a consonant -le pattern, dividing up words by syllables, and learning to recognize words with open, closed, and double letters before the -le pattern like in stable, candle, and giggle.
  • learning about the life cycle of chicks and butterflies. Our butterflies and chicks hatched! Big week in our classroom!!!
  • reviewing for our end of quarter math assessment (comparing numbers, addition and subtraction strategies, attributes of shapes and telling time) .
  • district benchmark assessments.

10 Eggs-a-Hatching!

It was a big week in our classroom! All but two of our eggs hatched! We are now proud parents of 10 new chicks! We have divided up our new little friends to other classrooms, but for now we have 7 chicks hanging out with us. They are so excited!!! We get to keep our chick friends until next Friday, which at that time they will be returned to the farmer who let us incubate and hatch them. We decided to name the first chick that hatched in the video below, Cinco since he was born on Cinco de Mayo! Cheep, cheep! Ole!
Welcome to First Grade

Welcome Cinco!

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Releasing our Butterflies

The butterflies had an audience as they were released out at recess on Friday. As each butterfly made it's way out, the kids cheered with delight!

Thank You!

The teachers and staff at Pathfinder have felt very spoiled this week by our parents' generosity as part of Teacher Appreciation Week! Thank you for the kind notes and gifts. It has been a pleasure being your child's teacher for their first grade year!

Mrs. Platz

Have a Great Weekend!

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