Persecution of the Wolf

An Ongoing Topic

The Facts

The Wolf used to be the most wide-spread mammal in the world, inhabiting over 60% of the world's land mass. Now brutal and superfluous hunting, poisoning, trapping and poaching has diminished the range of the wolf, all over the globe. They now inhabit a mere 30% of the world. Hunting ended the seemliness "unending" supply of wolves in the US and Mexico. Now only 8 packs live in the US and still none in Mexico. This is only about 50 individuals. Something has to be done about this senseless slaughter.

They Need Your Help

Inform the Government

Governments around the World just don't care about the wolves. If all the wolves in the world were extinct, there would be plagues of mice, rabbits and deer that would take over the ecosystem. Stand Up and Speak Up to your government, make them realize the danger of removing this beautiful, God-given creature, cause its here for a reason.