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Raymond Park Intermediate Academy

August 17, 2018

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Dear Parents,

It is so hard to believe we are already three full weeks into the school year! With each passing day, I am reminded of just how exceptional our students and staff are - we have the hardest working teachers and support staff around, and our students are already making gains in their knowledge of fifth and sixth-grade behavior expectations AND academic standards!

At this point, all students have taken (or will be taking very soon) their first mid-module math assessment. 5th graders are focused on performing various operations with fractions and decimals, while 6th graders are navigating ratios! I encourage you to ask your student how well they did on this first math assessment.

We are still in the midst of NWEA and NSGRA testing, and we look forward to sharing these assessment results with you at Parent/Teacher Conferences on October 2nd.

Here are some important upcoming dates:

  • August 20 - August 22: Fundraiser forms and payment due!

  • THIS Friday, August 24: Flash Forward Friday College T-shirt Day! (Students and staff should wear their favorite college t-shirts!)

  • September 4: School Picture Day! (Students should still be in dress code!)

  • September 5: Grade 6 Girls - STEM Visit from Eli Lilly Team

  • September 7: Homefest at WCHS!

  • September 10: Grade 6 Girls STEM Field Trip to IUPUI

We appreciate your hard work in making sure your student arrives at school on time and on a daily basis! Attendance is an important factor in your student’s growth and success this year; please let us know if we can do anything to support your family as you strive to make sure your child is at school!


Mrs. Carey Storm


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