Warsawn Ghetto

Warsaw Ghetto

The Largest ghetto in Poland was the Warsaw ghetto. There were around 400,000 Jews that were crowded into an uprising. The largest of these was the Warsaw ghetto uprising in spring 1943. There was violence, you could either live with honor or die with honor.

Invasion of Poland

The german invasion of Poland on September 1,1939 was a great threat for warsaw. warsaw suffered heavy air attacks and artilllery bombs. About a week later german officials put the jewish under their control. Many people died from starvation, diesese and innosent people were killed.

Police unit

Later on the police unit found out about the disaster going on in warsaw. The police took the innocent people from the warsaw, many were dirty skinny and some were dead. some people died fighting or some hid.

Angel Perez


febuary 19,2015