Diary of Anne Frank

Hermann van pels

Hope keeps you going through the hard things

In the diary of Anne frank hope keeps you going through the hard things. hope is seen through out the story of Anne frank like the time Anne had hope that the cars at night would keep passing bye and not stop where they were hiding. Anne : “everyone is motionless with fear as the marching feet pass bye”.(376) The Frank family also had hope that miep wouldn't tell the police that they were up in the attic. Miep :” mr. Frank you can't leave this is your home”.(371)

Faith keeps the Frank's alive

In the diary of Anne frank faith helps the Frank's continue trying to hide and goes through out the story. Like the time mr. Frank said to Anne you must never go near that door we have to stay in hiding. Mr. Frank :” it doesn't matter I don't want you even to go beyond that door”.(379) also when the Frank's had faith they wouldn't make noise during the day when the workers were their. Mr. Frank :” while the men are below we must have complete quiet”.(375)

Mrs. Van Daan

One character in the diary of Anne Frank one character that was interesting to me was Mrs. Van Dann. A symbol of Mrs. Van Daan is her fur coat. Her coat represents her because that was the only thing she had left. And made her feel better when she had that coat. This symbol also represents her because the coat was very expensive and important to her.

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Mrs. Van Daan biography

Mrs. Van Daan was a wealthy woman that was in hiding with the franks in the annex. She was married to mr. Van Daan and she wasn't to happy about staying with the franks because she didn't get along well with their family. When the police found them in hiding they took mrs. Van Daan to a concentration camp and know one knows exactly when she died but it was in a concentration camp where she was away from the franks.