Bombing in Radaa, Yemen

Kills 31 people, 20 children

Innocent Children

They say Al Qaeda is most likely the one who sent off the bomb. One car bomb struck a Houthi gathering point, but the other did not make it to the target and instead blew up next to a bus that was carrying children home from school. All the children that were killed were under 12. Eleven Houthi fighters were killed. 12 people were injured with 6 in critical condition. Al Qaeda did this to get back at the Houthi people for what happened in october. The suicide car bombs were not supposed to hit the bus , but many innocent children lost their lives.

I think that people do not deserve to lose their lives just because of people who don't like them.

How did it affect the people?

People were talking about how the children lost their lives. They were not expecting this to happen and now that they know how mean people are they are probably going to keep their gaurd up and fight back for the lives of the children and people they lost.