It's ok not to be ok

Self love is a neccesity

It hurts

I understand believe me...I've been there. Sometimes you feel like you just can't breathe and the pain in your heart is a little too much to bear. You feel like crying but no amount of tears fixes anything. It feels like a dead end and yet the only one who can save you is you. How can you fly when you can barely able to walk, It hurts and it's your fault. I get it....But I also know that you can't hate yourself. You can't fix everything alone. You don't know everything. Looking at things from another perspective helps, accepting help and searching for it is what you need. You need to help you by accepting someone's help. It's OK not to be OK, It's OK to be weird. You are perfect, life is so much more than this. Don't you dream of being happy? I know you do because I do too. Pretending hurts, acting too!