Instructional Leadership Team

January 14, 2016

Special Education

  • Structured Learning

Follow up Needs:

  • Put walk through form in DMAC - Tiffanny
  • Need a transition plan for structured learning for Intermediate split
  • Need a plan for summer school training for those that will be working in summer. Start working on staff in February. Will revisit
  • Transition meeting plans for high needs students. Would like to do it before they start planning for classes. February (early because of pending referrals); May will be crazy; possibly April 11 9-11
  • East and North to Intermediate
  • Intermediate to JH
  • JH to HS

Human Resources

  • Evaluations - complete all administrator appraisals - assistant principals, campus-based coordinators - Due Januray 2016 - Evaluation Forms 15-16 Appraisal Calendar Evaluation Calendar
  • Growth Plans/DMAC
  • Summer Staff Needs Update - Kim create a Google doc to create a spot for PEIMS staff. Campuses enter needs - we need to get consistent. Across board at elementary. Trish and Jill will get together and make sure it is what they needed.
  • District Dress Code
  • T-TESS and T-PESS trainings

Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

Instructional Technology

  • Campus Technology Audit/Review
  • Support from Instructional Technology (in meetings, Tech Tuesdays)
  • TCEA

District Discussions

  • Superintendent Surveys
  • Needs Assessment Surveys - parents, students, staff
  • DEIC Meeting - today @ 3:45
  • Board Appreciation
  • Visting Districts - Ogden returns Feb. 9-10 for Elementary only
  • Campus Retreats - flexible dates
  • Convocation Speaker

Campus Needs and Requests

  • Irlen training - follow up

Special Programs

  • Digital Sign-off Procedures for Staff
  • Title 1 Parent Involvement for Elementary Schools

Dress Code Revision

Dress Code

See the Hallsville ISD Professional Dress Code.

Per the Hallsville Professional Dress Code, staff members will also adhere to the following guidelines:

  • DDenim jeans can be worn on campus designated days or as appropriate to the position assigned.

  • CShorts, yoga pants and warm ups may not be worn.

  • BBlouses/shirts are not to be low-cut, backless shirts or dresses, tank tops, spaghetti straps, or sheer without an appropriate undershirt. coollarless t-shirts should not be worn unless t-shirt is a school shirt.

  • When wearing leggings the accompanying dresses, tunics, or tops should be of a sufficient length to cover and maintain professional dress.