PBL 4-War on Drugs

by Parker D., Celeste C., Sydney L., and Tristan A.

Group 4 Allen

Project Manager: Celeste Carrel

Communications Manager: Parker Dickerson

Supply Manager: Tristan Aguilar

Time Manager: Sydney Lewing

How can we make a more efficient plan to stop South American drugs from entering East Texas.

Last year there were over 275 arrest's in East Texas. Little under half of them were smuggled form the border. How can we stop drug abuse in East Texas? By: Sydney Lewing

Past Plans by Parker D

Solution by Celeste

New plan

Our plan to stop drugs from entering East Texas will be to search evey car, plane, boat, and pedestrians that enter East Texas. Basically we want more border control. by: Celeste

What We Learned by Tristan Aguilar

"I learned about drugs and what they can do to you .They can eat skin away and druds can get you in alot of trouble". Tristan Aguilar.

"I learned what countries smuggle drugs into America. I also learned where drugs are made and what they are made of." Parker

"I learned what the most common drugs are that are being brought into East Texas.I also learned how they are being brought into East Texas." Sydney Lewing

"I learned what some drugs are and how they are made. I also learned what drugs are made of." Celeste


During this project we were tying to inforce the law and stop drugs from entering East Texas. We did so by inforcing entering East Texas by boat, plane, walking, bicycle, and car.

by: Everyone