English Journal Entries

Holiday Homework

In the holiday :paragraphy 1

 can’t believe it’s already Thanksgiving! I do love this holiday, and I love fall, so I’m excited to go back home where the leaves are changing and it’s cold. I’m nervous about bringing myself home to meet everyone, though! He’s going to be so overwhelmed, but I keep telling him that they’re all going to love me so much. Which I know they will. I guess I’m most worried about my sister, since she just got divorced. I’m worried she’ll feel lonely the whole weekend and i wanted to hang out with my friends .  But then again, that’s not fair to or myself for eating alot in the holiday. I supost to move my body everyday to get my fitter .Even in the Holiday i need to help my mum clean our house and do alot of chores . I don't like doing chores but I have do ! That my Jobs everyday.

In the Holiday :paragraphy 2

In the Holiday I even done all my work .eg - English work , Math work and other work .