4th Grade News

January 5th-8th

Language Arts and Social Studies

The week we get back from break we will be starting a new expository writing piece. The paper will be about friendship! We will continue with some poetry games from the previous week. Students will start testing for the middle of the year DRA. It is very important to be reading every night at home. Students should be at a 40 in the middle of the year in 4th grade.

Math and Science

This week in Math we will be discussing what factors and multiples are, as well as strategies to find the different factors of a multiple. Students will learn about the different properties of operations for multiplication and use them to solve word problems.

In science we will be starting a new unit on Natural Resources. Students will be researching different recycling programs in the community as well as classifying renewable and non-renewable resources. Later in the week students are going to learn about weathering and erosion, and how it affects our land.

Upcoming Dates


5- Back to school

6- DRA Testing Starts

8-Spelling Bee

14th- Early Release 12:15

15- Early Release 12:15/ End of the 6 weeks


21- Report Cards