Thursday, December 17, 2015

Student Sign Out Sheets

Student Sign Out Sheets have been placed in your mailboxes. Please use this sign out sheet tomorrow. All parents must sign out their child if they will be taking them home after the classroom party.

You may turn in these sheets to the office at the end of the day.

Early Dismissal Schedule and Assignments

Please review the early dismissal schedule and assignments for tomorrow. This schedule has changed from previous times. Be sure to read front and back.


An Early Release code will be entered in skyward for all paras that clock in for the full day on December 18.

If you clock in at 7:15am, you may clock out at 1:15pm. If you clock in at 7:30 am, you may clock out at 1:30pm

Take time to review and clear up any errors on your time sheet as soon as possible. If your skyward time looks correct you may submit your time sheet before you leave for Christmas Break. See me if you have any questions regarding your skyward time.

**Reminder: If you are off campus for any reason you must clock out when you leave and clock in when you return.

Surgery or Surgical Procedures

Please remember that if you are having any type of surgery or surgical procedure performed during the school year, you should always contact Mrs. Griffith and also Judy Ward, Leave Specialist, in the KISD Human Resources Department. This information is confidential to the office staff involved and will not be discussed with others. There are procedures to follow and a doctor's release form to bring to us when you are released to come back to work.

Also - if you ever have an accident at work - even slipping on water, something falling on you, etc., please go to see Nurse Cassie. If you are unable to go to her office, please send someone to get her and she will come to you. Paperwork should be filled out anytime there is an accident.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Jones, Denise 1/7

Gaskill, Sasha 1/9

Williams, Ronnie 1/11

McGilvray, Andrea 1/17

Audas, Katie 1/18

Warren, Jan 1/20

Baldazo, Mariana 1/31


January 4 - 8

Pick up/Load Cars: McGilvray, Frazier, Cochran, Quintanilla, Delagarza

1st Computer Lab: Dudo, Presley

K Computer Lab: Clark, Grogan

PK Computer Lab: Polk, Torres

Bus Duty: Chavez, Cutrer, Tellachea, Long


December 18 - Classroom Christmas Parties; Early Dismissal (students and staff)

December 21-January 1 - Christmas Break

January 8 - B.O.B winners announced

January 11 - 14 - TPRI testing (1st Grade);

January 11 - Ecoland - Nichols

January 15 - End of 3rd six weeks

January 18 - No School (students and staff)

January 19 - Staff Development

January 20 - Beginning of 4th six weeks

January 21-26 - TPRI testing (Kindergarten)

January 22 - Lifetouch Group Pictures