HSE21 Updates.....

.....with Susan Drumm & Kelly Moore

Thank You to our Learning Fair presenters and attendees! You are all rock stars!

Here is a link to the resources offered by some of our presenters!

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Use this updated Tech Support Flow Chart to find out who to contact or what to do if......

Open Ed Learning

Visit Open Ed Learning to discover new resources! An overview can be found here.

  • K-12 resources.
  • Browse 1,000,000+ lesson plans, assessments, videos, and games in the resource library.
  • Common Core Quest App for practicing online standardized assessment questions - games and badges too!

Blackboard Tip of the Week.....

  • Are you jealous of colleagues who are getting time back into their personal lives because they are doing less grading of foundational skills practice?
  • Foundational skills that you wish to have students master are ideal for your first tries at an assessment in Blackboard.
  • Just because it's called a test, doesn't mean it has to be a test! It can be a skill check or an answer entry activity for an assignment. Or it really can be a true-blue test!
  • Mastery learning can be managed easily with 'do-overs' until your students reach your preset level of proficiency.
  • Set the Bb gradebook so you only see the highest score - and you won't have to sort through all attempts to figure out who has reached mastery!
  • View item analysis information to drive instruction.
  • Work smarter not harder - you can share what you make with other teachers - take turns creating!

Watch these videos to learn how to create and deploy a test:

Create a Test in Blackboard
Deploy a Test in Blackboard

Kelly's Coaching Schedule Next Week!

Monday - SCI from 8:00 - 4:00

Tuesday - FCI from 8:00 - 4:00

Thursday - RSI from 8:00 - 12:30