Common Core Algebra I for HHT

A one-stop shop for resources, links, & information

Awesome web resources to build UNDERSTANDING - the best online graphing calculator. (And there is an app for that!)

Graphing Stories - a great website to explore relationships between two variables and discuss features of graphs (domain, range, rates of increase, zeros, etc...)

Dan Meyer's Blog (Algebra Archive) - If there is a math teacher that "gets" CC it's Dan Meyer - and he shares his great ideas for us all to use and be inspired by!

Shodor Interactive - Great site for graphing and analyzing data.

Online Resources for Students to Practice Skills

Khan Academy - it's easy to set up an account (sync with google account), and you can even create on as a "coach" to monitor progress and recommend skills.

IXL Math - Skill practice for many Algebra 1 skills, although limited to 20 problems a day without an account

TenMarks - FCPS has an account for each student. The home school teacher should know the log information.

Stuff from Today's Class

Dan Meyer: Math class needs a makeover