Tech Spin With Lynn (Issue 9/15/16)

Communication, Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking

Huge Shout Out to Dr. Yolanda Windham and Jennifer Lockwood from SPARK Elementary

These two SPARK teachers embraced APS Social Emotional Learning full force on Tuesday, Sept. 13th as they celebrated International Dot Day! I was so lucky to witness the caring dreams these students revealed to Make their Mark on the world. Great job teachers! Please take a quick look at the video below to see International Dot Day in action!
International Dot Day

It's Tech Fair Time!!!!!!!

The 5th Annual Tach Fair will be Saturday, January 21st at Frederick Douglass High School. There are 16 categories available for competition. For more details, go the Tech Fair Website by clicking HERE

To download a flyer for this event, click HERE

Contact your ETS if you need help with this event by clicking

APS Technology Fair 2017

QR Codes... A Great tool for New Chrome Books

QR codes are a great way to incorporate learning centers using Chrome Books. The only thing the students need is a QR Code Reader which is a FREE App. QR Codes are easy to use and make and they are FREE! Eliminate all of your copying and worksheets for your centers and use QR Codes instead. It's also an awesome way to send students on a scavenger hunt and to disseminate lots of new information. Anything can be delivered thru a QR Code: documents, pictures, and even videos! To see how to make a QR Code, view the video below. To access the free site to make QR Codes, click HERE
QR Codes

QR CODE for Tech Fair Flyer - SHARE with your students !

Big image

Mindmeister: A Tool for Visual Representation

Mindmeister is an easy, fee tool students can use to create visual representations. It's online platform makes it easy for collaboration. It's a great tool to have students summarize chapters, group concepts, show relationships, or classify information. It works for all content areas and is easy to use.

Way to go Mary Lin!!!!!

Another Big S/O goes to Mary Lin Elementary! They had the most teachers read the Newsletter last week. I can't wait to "Go Google" with you on Tuesday for our first Professional Training together as a group. See you in the media center with a charged computer. This will be a hands-on session!

This Week's Winner: Mr. Bill Lewis

Mr. Lewis is a Social Studies Teacher at Sutton Middle. He wins the drawing this week for reading his newsletter, Tech Spin With Lynn. To enter this week's drawing be sure and complete the Google Form below. A new entry is selected every week. It pays to play!
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