Body Image

by Kalen and Adeli

Effect of body image

Sometimes girls compare themselves to the “ideal female” and it can lead to eating disorders. Societies “ideal female” is “skinny and “beautiful”. “Eating disorders are far more common in women than in men. They typically begin in the teenage years or early 20’s but they can also occur in childhood and older ages.” In the show Gossip Girl one of the main characters, Blair, has an eating disorder because she would compare herself to other people and models. The effect of the “ideal female” caused her to develop an eating disorder.

Stand up to Society

Most models in our world are skinny and so are manikins. Small amount of models are plus size and that's not a positive effect on some people in our society. If there were more plus size models most of the women in our society wouldn't be insecure. Society created an “image” for people to use. There is no limit to what we can do to change society's viewpoint of body image.

Call to Action

We should all come together to try and change society's view of the “ideal female” and have more plus size models. Woman fixate on body image and it affects them negatively, but women shouldn't have insecurity about their bodies.


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