Tropical Seasonal Forest

by: JaNea Turner.

A little about Tropical Seasonal Forest.

Tropical Seasonal Forest have wet or dry season throughout the year. If you ever you visit a tropical seasonal forest make sure to dress lightly, it will always be hot. Tropical seasonal forest sounds like it would be pretty, right? Well it's really not. It's just a lot of grassy areas with drought resistant trees scattered around the land. During dry seasons the forest looks really brown and dead, during the wet seasons the forest are bright green.
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Where are Tropical Seasonal Forest located?

You would of never thought that millions of people live in Tropical Seasonal Forests worldwide. Tropical Seasonal Forest are located in Africa, Asia, and Australia. The human race have wiped out 99% of forest in most areas.
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Random facts about Tropical Seasonal Forests.

Tropical seasonal forests have a variety of animals such as; monkeys, frogs, spiders, kangaroos, & etc. The average amount of rainfall yearly is about 59-79 inches. Most of Mexico is a tropical seasonal forest. The most common Tropical Seasonal forest animal in Africa is the giraffe. You can find more Tropical Seasonal Forest than Tropical Moist forests. During the dry seasons leaves shed to conserve soil moisture.