Constitutional and Federal Era

By: Banner Griffin

Shay's Rebellion

Shays rebellion was an armed uprising in Springfield, Massachusetts. The reason for the Rebellion was land seizures, no hard currency, and a bad local government. Displeased with the rebellion George Washington sent 4000 troops and crushed Daniel Shays militia.

Whiskey Rebellion

A whiskey tax was imposed by the new federal government it was one of Alexander Hamiltons ideas to decrease war debt. Farmers who used their left over corn and wheat to make whiskey were outraged. This caused a rebellion lasting 3 years. Fed up with the rebellion president George Washington led 13,000 men to Pennslyvania. The rebels were far outnumbered and then the rebellion was over.
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XYZ Affair

France has just had a revolution. They are fighting against Britain again. The US wants to speak with France but they decline to speak unless they get paid a large sum of money. President John Adams says no so an unofficial war occurs between The United States and France. After two years of the navy's fighting each other a treaty is reached.