For a Purpose Discussion

By: Victoria Moore

Leonardo Dicaprio

On February 11, 2000, Leonardo DiCaprio launched himself back into movie theaters with a splash and a dive off a high cliff, playing traveler-turned-utopia-chaser Richard in The Beach. Two years prior, he'd been breaking box-office records and teen hearts in Titanic, and this was only his third feature film since. The first, The Man in the Iron Mask, was released at the height of Leo-mania (and nearly unseated Titanic in its debut weekend), while the second, Woody Allen's Celebrity (in which Leo played a pampered, misbehaving movie star), was seen as an against-type anomaly as opposed to a real change in career direction.

What circumstances were they “drawn into” that influenced the world around them.

When he didn't win?

When he didn't win his a wad for best actor he was pretty upset. He was also upset that he didn't win best movie but he knew he couldn't give up. He had to keep trying and he had to try harder and improve his actor skills. Many people especially women knew him for his looks but he knew that didn't win best actor.

What impact did they have on the world around them?

He is one of the best actors and in one of the most romantic movies of all time.

He has became a great actor and his name is known around the world as a actor. He was in one of America's most famous movies. He was reacting one of the most tragic days in america. He is known as Jack from the titanic. Which is a love story that is one of the movies that has made him so famous.

Quote from the person that reflects his/her what they believe is their “purpose” in life.

His purpose in life is to be a actor and intertane people and put a smile on there face.