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Fall Newsletter

Some New Things in 4S

Learning is not just for our students, but also for all the wonderful teachers at Tatem. This week, I was lucky enough to learn about new technology to bring to the classroom, new morning meeting ideas, more extensive responsive classroom techniques, and a whole lot of fun critical thinking ideas!

Some of the new websites we will be using are wonderopolis, Prezi, pad let, and smore. These websites will make our learning even more engaging and will challenge the students to reach new heights.

This new website, Smore.com, will be something new I am trying out in order to share information that happens in 4S. Please feel free to comment below if you have any comments or suggestions!

Have a great week!

Ms. Singley

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Next Week in 4S

Upcoming Events

Singley Class Shout Outs

Some Fun Pictures of Our Classroom

What's Going on Next Week

  1. Unit 3 Math Test - Multiplication. For review, check out your student reference book, practice multiplication facts, and input & output tables. Our next unit will be learning Decimal Notation.
  2. Science Animal Project - Students this week will be continue to research their Pine Barren animals. We will be using the iPads and starting to create our posters.
  3. Unit 5 Social Studies - This week, we will be starting our next Unit in Social Studies. Students will be learning about how our country was formed, our federal, state, and local government, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and even more. We will be incorporating the iPads into our Preisdent Project as well as other projects to improve our learning.
  4. Writing: We will be finishing Up our Fiction Story and starting our Pursuasive Writing Turkey Story!

Cedar Run Field Trip

Friday, Nov. 15th 2013 at 9am

6 Sawmill Road

Medford, NJ

Singley Class Shout Outs!

  • Mrs. Barry and Mrs. gotta for a wonderful Halloween Party! - Ms. Singley
  • Jenna asked me to be her partner when I didn't have one right away - Abby
  • Blaise let's me borrow his sharpener and colored pencils - Lily
  • Olivia FS complimented my story very nicely - Chelsea
  • Adam said "Great Job" when I wrote a compound sentence - Evan
  • Billy put my chair up without me even asking - Jenna
  • Caden got my morning work for me several times - Abby
  • Avery, Lily and others always stand up for me - Sofia
  • Lily encouraged me to dance at recess after I fell - Anonymous
  • My classmate encouraged me when I didn't think I could throw the lacrosse ball far - Evan
  • Avery and Sofia always make me feel better if I am sad - Lily
  • Aidan is always very respectful in the lunchroom - Mrs. Keegan
  • Brett always makes room for me at our morning meeting - Carson

So proud of all of them for the simple acts of kindness they do everyday. They truly make a difference to our classroom community.

Dine Out For Tatem

Tuesday, Nov. 19th 2013 at 5pm

1 Kings Highway East

Haddonfield, NJ

Come Out and Support Tatem Elementary!

Ask Us About:

  • Multiplication Monsters
  • Cause and Effect Halloween Books
  • Our New Computer Room
  • The Tall Tale Stormalong - Great Story about how the ABS became attached to Sailors.