Sports Injuries

By: Brandon S.

Synopsis and background

Sports injuries have become more common in today's sports crazed world. Studies by the Apsen Project, an organization focused on getting the youth into sports, show that kids and young adults have 39.8% participating n one of the 6 regular officiated sports. Along with this has brought up the concern of increased injury due to over stress as a kid/teenager that leads on into college and professional level. This has caused ABC's segment of sports on injuries, covering recent children suffering the case of ACL tears. Increased amounts of activity and practice, some experts say, may be the reason as to why these are occurring.

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Statistics on sports injuries

In studies done my Stanford medical school, they have collected data in staggering figures in terms of sports injuries in today’s society. Around 3.5 million children 14 and under got hurt on an average of once per year playing in sports or other organized activities. This figure was also confirmed by outlets of ESPN and the Aspen foundation on sports participation. Also, around 750,000 were sent to the emergency room for sports related injuries on average each year for ages 14 and under. This number covers all the major sports, with football, soccer, and baseball as the leading sports in this category.

Also, a concept finally getting data to back it up is the statement that girls are more likely to get injured than boys. The answer is very ambiguous as it really depends on the circumstance and events leading up to the injury. Stated in the segment by ABC and confirmed by the Washingtonian post is that females are more likely to get ACL tears, at a rate of 6 times more than males, due to different hip alignment and muscle structure. However, this does not correlate with all injuries and more research must be done to fully analyze the question in its broad context

How to solve the problem: Proper Warm-Up Exercises

A lot of the cause for injury can be stemmed to warm-up processes at practice. In Aspen project and Stanford Medical studies, it is shown that 62% of all kids and adolescent injuries occur in or during practice. This is very scary number, but it helps to pin point just what needs to be solved. This can be solved using proper exercise routines. Below is a video by Holman Corporation that helps to prevent the certain daunting injury plaguing sports today, the ACL tear. In his video, he focuses on three main actions and stretches to help prevent injury. The first is the Single-Leg bridge stretch. This is used to maintain and strengthen the hamstrings, which in turn help stabilize and keep the alignment of your ACL. Tjis will innately prevent injury due to an imbalance circumstance. The second is the Single-Leg Reach. This is used to help hip stability and alignment so upon landing in a jump your n=knee does no collapse inward, which occurs in a ACL tear situation. And finally, is the vertical jump. wjich is used to strengthen your leg muscles and simulate the most common motion towards ACL tears.

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