A Christmas Carol

The play im reveiwing is A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens people should go see because of the sound effects, visual pictures, and detail. First I would recommend this play because of the visual pictures. I wondered if scrooge would look the different in the grphic novel he did. He had a wider face and overall the visual pictures really help you understand the play. Next I would recommend this play because of the awesome sound effects. They scared me when the ghost of christmas present came and when it got really loud. It made the mood feel brighter at times and gloomy at times or scary. When the ghosts came out thats when sound effects came in and did something to the play. Lastly I would recommend this play because of the detail of the dinners. It showed more detail of the dinners like Bob Crachits and his nephews. And when scrooge changes from grumpy and angry to a very happy man it shows that he gives away his money and gives Bob a raise and gets him a turkey. In conclusion I think the play was amazing sound effects detail and visual pictures and every actor memorized every line.

Sacrifices made

A sacrifice that scrooge had to make was giving up his wife so he could make enough money to live. He got rich but he gave it away after all the ghosts. A sacrifice i have made is giving away my toys to charity but that is a good sacrifice.