The renting of villas in Favone and Koriska


Villa Vermietung in Favone is the renting of villa in Favone. The villa in Favone guarantees you the unforgettable and pleasant views of the surrounding landscapes and hills. The villas in Favone are full of luxury and are also available separately or detached form.

  • The detached villas are the one which are situated on beautiful sides of the mountains. The beautiful beaches which are full of the natural beauty are just half a km from this villa.
  • These villa consists of the bar, breakfast service and buffet service. You are also given the option of Wi-Fi which can be used in the pool or in the restaurant.

If you are looking for some comfort in your own style you can always request a cot or a high chair. You may hire a gas girl from the nearby location as per your requirement.

Villa Vista Mere is another villa which is great in every aspect.

  • This villa is very spacious and consists of a living and dining room. In addition this villa consists of three bedrooms which have all the modern facilities to give you a comfortable stay in every possible way.
  • The bathroom of this villa is equipped with all the latest accessories to give you the best of the luxuries.

Villen in Favone

Villen in Favone refers to the holiday homes in Favone.

  • The holiday homes in Favone are unique in their own way as they provide you with the best of facilities in great ambience.
  • These holiday homes in Favone are just about a km from the Favone beach and give you a great view of the mountains full of greenery.


Chalets are one of the best options for renting in Favone.The Chalets Moi Vista is designed in such a manner as to give you the required privacy.

  • You can have best of the views and enjoy the evenings from these Chalets.

The beaches of Favonne are very close to these Chalets.

  • You would get all the comforts of your home in these Chalets. These Chalets have bar and swimming pool which you can use as per your requirements.
  • If you are looking for fresh bread it can be ordered and collected from the bar in the morning.

These Chalets have ample space to accommodate six persons. The bathrooms and toilet are separated.

Koriska Urlaub

Koriska Urlaub refers to holidays in Koriska which are full of fun and excitement.

  • You can go for a private tour or enjoy luxury of hotels and can even go for wind surfing in Koriska.

Korsika Ferien

Korsika Ferein refers to Corsica holiday which are one of the best places to visit.

  • Corsica lies to the south of France and is one of the most exotic destinations for tourists. •There are plenty of things to do in Corsica besides going for hiking and enjoying the sea food.