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St. Columba Catholic School - News Every Week - 12/31/21

St. Columba Families,

Happy New Years Eve!

I pray that you have all had a wonderful and blessed Christmas break. I hope that all of you had wonderful time together with your loved ones and were able to spend some time focusing on the love that you all share with each other!

As we enter into a new year, we are reminded that we are still in the Christmas season. Christmas did not end on 12/26. During this liturgical season of Christmas, let us keep our focus on Christ and God's willingness to enter our world as one of us. I love the Christmas season because I love thinking of Jesus at the same age of our children and students. We usually focus on Christ's adult life, appropriately so, but he also had a childhood. I pray that this season serves as a nice reminder that our children and students are a lot like Jesus in more ways than we sometimes give them credit for!

Finally, I think we are all fully aware of the increased spread of COVID-19. I know many of us share fears and concerns about returning to school during these times of increasing spread. I am confident, however, that we as a community will continue to take care of one another. For that reason, we will return to school as planned on Monday, January 3rd.

I know some other schools within our county are starting with mandatory testing or delayed starts, but the numbers in our two main zip codes (92123 and 92124) are better than most parts of the county. While the case rate numbers are increasing, they are nearly half of what they were at this time last year. Additionally, I recognize the challenge of finding child care, know that testing options are limited, and am trusting that we will all make smart, community-centered choices if our children are experiencing symptoms.

Again, I reiterate, if your child is experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19, please keep them home until they have been tested and receive negative results. That is the very best way to ensure that we continue school as normal.

Based off of your feedback from the masking survey I sent out last month, only 34% of parents were not supportive of the decision to institute outdoor masking. When looking ahead to when we return, 59% of parents preferred to return to optional masking when outdoors.

That being said, when we return on Monday, we will return to our masking policies that we had at the beginning of the year, with a small modification. Outdoor masking will be optional. The exception to this is when our students are mixing with different grade bands. These times would include switching classes, walking to the lunch tables, coming to morning assembly, etc. To ensure student safety and allow them to still not wear masks outdoors if they want, we will be returning to having classes not mixing at recess time. I plan to have this be temporary through the winter as I hope case rates will drop after that. So for example, instead of 3rd-5th graders being able to play with each other at lunch recess like they normally do, they will instead play with just their own classmates. The only mixing of grades will be in after school activities. During those times, we will be expecting students to continue to wear masks, even if outdoors, until rigorous activity begins. For example, during basketball or soccer practice, students will wear masks while stretching and warming up, but once they start scrimmaging, running, etc., they can remove their masks.

I recognize that we all may have different thoughts and feelings about how to continue to approach this pandemic as it is ever changing. Please know that I will continue to do my best to provide the best environment for our students while also maintaining the safety and well being of our community.

Here is a look ahead at the upcoming events on campus:

  • Monday, January 3:
  • Tuesday, January 4:
  • Wednesday, January 5:
  • Thursday, January 6: Mrs. Reinagel's Birthday
  • Friday, January 7: Preschool/Pre-K Half Day; K-8 Half Day
  • Saturday, January 8: 4th Grade leads Family Mass (5:30pm)


Mr. Amann

State of the School Presentation Link

If you were unable to join Mr. Amann for his State of the School Presentation, please see the attached slides.

Cheerleading Session #2

Signups for the next session of Cheerleading, which will run from January 12-May 25th, are now open.

The session's cost is $285 and includes 18 weeks of classes, uniforms, and lots of fun!

Our cheerleaders will be cheering on our basketball and soccer teams for the next two seasons!

To sign up, head to

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