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Uruguay is a beef farmers dream. Its many grassy, lowland, hills, take up 78% of this countries land. IT’s almost completely surrounded by different bodies of water, with the Pacific Ocean to the East, and the tow major river’s to the West. No only does the land produce great pasture land for cattle, but it also hold’s rich fertile soil.


Due to the placement of the Equator, Uruguay is in the southern hemisphere. This makes the temperature the exact opposite from the United States. Its main warm months are Jan., Feb., and Dec.; its average temp is 73 degrees. Sudden wind changes roll in storms, and change the temperature.


Main Exports

  • Meat
  • Wool
  • Hides
Trade partners

  • U.S
  • China
  • European Union
  • Other S.A countries also trade

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Uruguay is a democratic republic. It has 19 provinces, or states for example. Presidents serve a five year term with no chance for a second term in a row. Not only is the president the head of the state, but is also the head of the government.

Daily Life

People in Uruguay live a cluttered but very enthusiastic life. They have rich cultural holidays such as Easter and Carnival is a big festival. Art work is also another big influence on their culture. French and Spanish have influenced some of the ways that they live today. There apartments usually consist of a intermediate family, and sometimes more. This countries mostly made up of Christians, Jew's, and Roman Catholics.
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