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Director's Newsletter

October 20th, 2017

Benjamin Scoville, Director
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From the Director

Dear Parents,

We've had a very exciting week at CDS Middle School! As Term 1 ended and Term 2 began our attention was focused primarily on Book Week & Library Night. We want to thank all the teachers, librarians, and parents for modeling collaboration (one of our 6Cs) so well resulting in a very memorable week. CDS students participated with full engagement and energy and we hope they came away with a joyful attitude about books and reading.

Dalton Cup Soccer for Term 1 finished up with Team Korea in the lead, and Team Cheongna trailing close behind. Although we won't have Dalton Cup athletics during Term 2, there will be opportunities for students to earn Dalton Cup points through various academic activities.

This weekend our Boy's Soccer team will compete at Seoul International School.

Our Badminton team is hosting a jamboree tomorrow at CDS from 9:00am - 1:30pm. CDS MS students will compete with teams from Chadwick and Seoul Foreign School. They will play singles during the first half of the day, and doubles during the second half. CDS parents will be selling food and snacks throughout the event. We encourage all of you to show up and support our athletes!

Our CDS Middle School KAIAC Swimming team is coming together! We need a minimum of 5 students to form a team. Practices will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays, and the first jamboree is on November 4th at GSIS. If your student is interested in joining the team, please contact Ms. Ko in the MS Office.

In closing, we were happy to welcome 5 new students to our middle school this week. We look forward to these students and families becoming a part of our community.

5th Grade:

Jisoo Hong

Esther Lee

Inho (Issac) Park

7th Grade:

Donghyun (Jason) Lee

8th Grade:

Jueun lee

Have a great weekend!

Parent Information Session 2: Digital Citizenship

Thursday, Oct. 26th, 3-4pm

CDS - HS Conference Room

This session is about teaching students to be good, global citizens by providing them skills to understand the importance of acting with kindness and integrity to others while online.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Student Council is Busy Planning the CDS MS Halloween Party 2017-18

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LPGA KEB Hana Golf Championship - CDS Visit

Several middle school students had the opportunity last Saturday to travel to Sky72 Golf Course in Incheon to attend the 2017 LPGA KEB Hana Bank Golf Championship. In addition to watching the competition, they had the special privilege of visiting the official driving range where they all received a rotation of lessons on putting, pitching, and driving from LPGA Class A instructors. The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and hope to return again next year. - Mrs. Hinds
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Students Learn from Author Rob Lloyd Jones

Mr. Rob Lloyd Jones spent time with each grade teaching them how to imagine and write effective stories. Mr. Jones finished the day by sharing his personal story and journey as an historian and story writer. Students were very engaged during his workshops and many were able to get signed copies of his books!
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Library Night

The big event is over - a huge thank you to everyone who was involved. PTA stepped up to prepare amazing decorations and dinner. Ms. Van Liew gave menu ideas, prepared pumpkin pasties and butterbeer and helped prepare candy for the treat bags.

Mrs. Koetje made an awesome Platform 9 3/4 and was very generous with letting us use her art supplies. Mr. Brennan made Pin the Scar on Harry possible. Mr. Cavasin and Mr. Menzel guided students to write another zany story for more Library Night fun, not to mention dressed up in awesome costumes. Mr. Harris, Mr. Howell, Mr. Drews, Mr. Coward, Ms. Fitz, Mrs. Menzel, and Principal Shim all came to help out and run activity stations.

Mr. Lyke and Ms. Liu sold last-minute raffle tickets. Mr. Biarje, Mr. Cavasin, Mr. Menzel, Mr. Scoville, and Ms. Ko formed a clean-up crew. Of course, we also had other hands to help, too - Mr. Kwon and Mr. Yu with tech, Ms. Ahn who assisted with many preparations, and high school volunteers. Through everyone's efforts, we had a very good night.

- Ms. Choo
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Book Week Recap

Monday & Tuesday

The week began with a visit from author Rob Lloyd Jones who sparked our imaginations and inspired us think and write more creatively.Book Trivia also began on Monday and continued throughout the week ending in a win from House 7A!

On Tuesday students spent the combined Lab and SSR time decorating their lockers with their favorite book quotes.


Wednesday saw one of the best Library Night's we've had at CDS Middle School. The Harry Potter theme was truly magical thanks to the hard work of the PTA. Be sure to read Ms. Choo's summary of the event above.

Thursday & Friday

On Thursday students tested their middle school book knowledge in a game of Book Jeopardy! The week ended with Book Character day which the Student Council took a part in organizing. House 6A was clearly the best dressed and won a doughnut party for their Dr. Seuss awesomeness.

Mr. Cavasin & Mr. Menzel took their English classes to the book fair to browse and buy.

School Improvement Project in Mr. Brennan's Class

The students from the P.B.E.L.L (Project Based ELL class), Cindy (Ruixi Jin, Eunsoo Kwon, Jeewoo Lee and Andy Piao) are planning a project to make the school a more comfortable and attractive place for their classmates. They are planning to add color, some collaborative learning spaces for students to meet and work and hang artwork on the walls. They just finished a survey where they got the thoughts from their classmates and the teachers, and they are working on their proposal that they will present to Dr. Park with their plan and requests. Wish them luck!!

Upcoming Events

10/19-20 CDS Book Fair

10/24 Term 2 Assembly

10/26 Parent Session 2 - Digital Citizenship

10/31 Halloween Party

11/3 Parent Teacher Conferences