The Progressive Era and Imperialism

By: SallyJo Geckler

How did they Both Start? Why did they Start?

◦The Progressive Era started as a social movement but evolved into a political movement because people began to realize that there were problems that needed to be fixed based on the way they did things concerning poverty, violence, greed, racism, class warfare. Which could possibly be fixed by the progress of better education, safer environments, and more efficient workplaces.

◦Imperialism started because of the colonization of countries, and those countries becoming more advanced. Also of those countries inspiring other countries who were more advance in the militarism. Setting the mindset of expanding outside of boarders.

Whats the Basic Theme Behind Both of them?

The basic theme behind the progressive era and imperialism is they both have this act of "becoming a better country" point to it. Where people try to progress and make things better for America, and the same thing happens with imperialism. Trying to expand out of boards to make America a stronger country. A Improving theme.

What are the Ideals Behind them?

The ideals relates back to the themes where the people who used their "improving" ideals to make America a "better place". But the main idea behind imperialism was to gain more land, more resources and manpower, in order to make that country more powerful. Which is what happened, European countries collected smaller countries to suppress their power and gain more resources for their existing Country.

How can theses two Ideals Co-exist in One Country ?

We showed through our history that it is possible from these two ideals to Co-exist in out country. But how it happened is the real question. Firstly it had a time period of 20 years of actually existing together in America though the 1900s to the 1920s. Imperialism happens when they expand out of their boarders, but going through this process they gain pros for america, while this does connect to the Progressive Era, for it also goes through changes that might not be the best for other people, but for most people it helps greatly. Which the majority of the people were the common and it refers back to "We The People".

How can the Presidents push for progressivism at Home, yet Repress Other Cultures in Other Countries?

They can push for progressivism at home because its their home, the place where they will be staying for the rest of their lives. As for pushing it in other countries, it doesn't really matter to that president, first of all it doesn't affect that president nor country, if anyway it would be a positive change for his own country. But maybe not for that country that is being repressed. Which is why think a president such as Teddy Roosevelt would go to such measures as push for progressivism in America and Repress in Colombia while having Panama rebel for use of the Panama Canal. Which would only aid in Americas trading with Asia.