Much Ado About Nothing

By: Samantha Sullivan

As She's Walking Away by The Zac Brown Band

The song, "As She's Walking Away" by The Zac Brown Band, represents the theme of this play perfectly. The theme is love/jealously. At first in the play, Benedict acts like he will never get married, that he will stay a bachelor for life, but at the end he falls in love with Beatrice. He didn't really realize it at first, but then it hit him. He realized that he was in love with Beatrice the entire time. Also, this song represent the play because Hero always thought of Claudio as someone she knew and someone that she disliked. She never thought that they would actually end up together. Sure enough, Claudio fell in love with her just as she was walking away. Hero ended up feeling the same way and they went to go get married. This song is so meaningful towards the play. Everything about it relates, there is no better song.